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Exciting Date Ideas in Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom

Exeter is a fantastic place for a memorable date, offering a blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Whether you're keen on exploring charming streets, enjoying great food, or soaking up some local history, there's something to fit every taste. Here are some great ideas to help you plan a wonderful date in this beautiful city.

Stroll Through Exeter Quay

Exeter Quay is a vibrant location ideal for a relaxing walk. As you wander along the historic quayside, you can enjoy the charming views of the River Exe, historic warehouse buildings, and the serene ambience. There are plenty of cosy cafés where you can grab a cup of tea or an ice cream, making it a casual yet delightful setting to get to know each other better. If you’re more adventurous, you might rent a kayak or paddleboard for a fun activity on the water, which can add a layer of excitement to your date. The mix of peaceful riverfront and lively atmosphere offers a perfect balance.

Explore Exeter Cathedral

Exeter Cathedral is a must-visit. This stunning Gothic cathedral, with its intricate architecture and fascinating history, provides a beautiful backdrop for a date. Wander around the grounds and take in the impressive details together. Inside, the awe-inspiring stained glass windows and medieval stonework create a romantic and serene environment. If you're lucky, there might be an organ recital or choir practice happening, which can make the experience even more enchanting. It's a great place to share quiet moments and learn something new together.

Picnic in Rougemont Gardens

Rougemont Gardens offers tranquillity right in the heart of Exeter. Pack a picnic basket with your favourite snacks and drinks, and find a cosy spot under a tree. The well-kept gardens surrounding the remains of an old Norman castle lend themselves perfectly to just lazing about and chatting. Listening to the birds sing and feeling the breeze, it’s an excellent way to enjoy each other's company in a relaxed and picturesque setting.

Visit RAMM (Royal Albert Memorial Museum)

This is an ideal spot for culture lovers. RAMM hosts a diverse range of exhibitions covering art, photography, natural history, and world cultures. Walking through the museum together gives you plenty of opportunities to discover unexpected interests you share and spark interesting conversations. The impressive building itself, with its Victorian Gothic style, adds to the charm of the experience. Plus, it’s free to enter, making it a great date location for those who are budget-conscious.

Walk the City Walls Trail

Exeter’s city walls date back to Roman times and offer a unique way to explore the city. Follow the City Walls Trail to get a sense of history while enjoying some fresh air and scenic views. The trail is well-marked and takes you through different sections of the city, letting you see historic landmarks and modern spots alike. It's a great mix of cultural immersion and light exercise, perfect for sparking engaging conversations as you walk.

Tea and Cakes at Tea on the Green

Located next to Exeter Cathedral, Tea on the Green is a charming tea room that offers an array of delicious cakes, scones, and sandwiches. It's a cosy place for a date, where you can sit, relax, and enjoy some traditional English treats. The friendly atmosphere and lovely views of the cathedral make it an intimate and delightful setting to chat and get to know each other.

Wander Around Northernhay Gardens

Northernhay Gardens is the oldest public open space in England and offers a lovely, serene environment for a date. With beautiful flower beds, impressive statues, and historic city wall ruins, you can enjoy a leisurely stroll through the park. It’s a wonderful spot to pause and appreciate nature, making it an ideal location to have meaningful conversations and personal moments. The peaceful atmosphere helps you both feel at ease and connected.

Discover Exeter's Underground Passages

For something completely different, consider booking a tour of Exeter’s Underground Passages. These medieval tunnels were originally built to bring fresh water into the city. Guided tours take you through these narrow, intriguing passageways, making for a memorable and unique experience. It adds an element of adventure to your date, giving you plenty to talk about afterwards. Sharing a slightly spooky experience can be a fun way to bond.

Enjoy a Meal at The Cosy Club

The Cosy Club, housed in a historic building with beautiful interiors, offers a great setting for an enjoyable meal. The eclectic decor and varied menu make it an appealing spot for a date. Whether you’re just looking for a light bite or a three-course dinner, you’ll find something delicious here. The relaxed yet lively atmosphere helps to foster easy conversation and laughs.

Take a Scenic Bike Ride Along the Exe Estuary Trail

If you both enjoy outdoor activities, renting bikes and riding along the Exe Estuary Trail can be a delightful way to spend the day. The trail offers stunning views of the river and wildlife, with plenty of spots to stop and take in the scenery. You can ride as far as you like, and even stop for a leisurely lunch at one of the cafés or pubs along the way. The fresh air and exercise combined with the picturesque views make for a perfect date.

Taking the time to choose a date activity that suits both of your interests can truly make a difference. One way to learn what the other person might enjoy is by having casual conversations about their hobbies or past memorable experiences. It can be helpful to throw out a few different suggestions and see which ones get the most enthusiastic responses. It’s always a good idea to plan something that offers a mix of relaxation and engagement, so you have opportunities for both comfortable conversation and fun.

Listening attentively and being open-minded can really help ensure your date is enjoyable. Pay attention to their body language and comments during the date to gauge whether they are having a good time. Being considerate and showing genuine interest in their thoughts and feelings can go a long way. When you create an enjoyable and memorable experience, it sets a positive tone and can leave a lasting impression, making it all the more likely you'll want to explore Exeter together again.

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